Lemon Wedj single packet


LEVERAGE YOUR BEVERAGE with Lemon Wedj drink enhancer mix. Add this water soluble powder to your beverage of choice. Contains 7.5mg of THC. Equal in taste to one slice of lemon. No sugar. Super bio-availability makes it fast acting, 30 minutes or less. Drink your daily dose of a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Comes in single serving or packs of 10.

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Leverage Your Beverage

Introducing Wedj – The first cannabis-infused powdered drink mix offering a natural full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins. This groundbreaking product is made with Rosette Labworks’ proprietary active ingredient, R.Xtract FS, the pinnacle of cannabis extract purity and efficacy, which works in synergy with your body on a molecular level, the way nature intended.

R.Xtract FS is derived exclusively from legacy genetics and whole cannabis flowers that are sun-grown on small family homesteads in Humboldt County, using only the most eco-conscious and regenerative cultivation methods. This full-spectrum cannabis extract is now available in a water-soluble and very bioavailable powdered drink mix. Our process preserves all beneficial elements of the naturally curative cannabis plant, and discards unwanted impurities, making it the safest and cleanest of extracts.

Drink your daily full-spectrum dose of cannabinoids and leverage your beverage with lemon Wedj.

Ingredients, all naturally plant derived: lemon juice, lemon oil, citric acid, full spectrum cannabis extract (R.Xtract FS), mannitol, leucine, vitamin E, citrate.

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