20 Years of Observational Data


Our 20+ years of Practice-Led Research contributed to our growing success as a leader in advanced medicinal cannabinoid formulations of tinctures. To date we have developed over 14 medical Cannabis grown tinctures and we continue to seek new and exciting discoveries in the increasing benefits of cannabis compounds. Rosette Wellness specializes in providing non intoxicating options for medicating with cannabis including high CBD ratios and the raw 6 acidic compounds. Not only are we excited to share our superior cannabis products with you, we’re also delighted to share our knowledge.

Science of Cannabinoids

The human body has an Endocannabinoid System. Though this is a relatively “new science approach” its discovery was led by Dr Raphael Mechoulam, in 1964 who began isolating the effects of CBD in our system and found that our human brain produces natural cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system, commonly referred to as “the INTERNAL COMPUTER THAT REGULATES HOMEOSTASIS IN THE HUMAN BODY” has been the subject of balancing our bodies homeostasis and is involved in many of the bodies basic functions .

This endocannabinoid system includes neurotransmitters, receptors, and proteins present within our central and peripheral nervous systems. These receptors are found in every major organ in our body. This system is thought to be involved in most disease states within our body, which may explain as to why Cannabis successfully treats so many diseases. Research has shown that this system influences pain, appetite, mood, and a variety of other sensations within our body.

The two primary cannabinoid receptors are known as CB1 and CB2. These two receptors are responsible for sensations in different parts of the body. By introducing outside cannabinoids to the CB1 and CB2 receptors you can impact behavior of the receptor.


Since different receptors impact different  areas of your body, it is important to understand the type of cannabinoid that will impact each of the receptors. The most well known cannabinoids are THC, CBD, and CBN. These different cannabinoids fit like keys into locks of the different receptors in your body.

Understanding the Cannabinoids

Although THC and CBD are the most well known, there are over 1000 different types of cannabinoids. They come from different strains of cannabis and as we just learned, they will have have different effects on your body. Knowing the type and how many cannabinoids are in each product you are using is the first step in finding a solution for your condition.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non intoxicating cannabinoid. CBD is generally considered to be one of the strongest anti-inflammatory treatments available and is regularly used for acute and chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation and Parkinson’s.


CBDA is the acid-based precursor compound to CBD, found in the raw cannabis plant. CBDA has its own unique properties separate from the more commonly know CBD properties. CBDA has been found to have powerful anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties; targeting severe pain, cancer treatment support, concussions, injuries and some types of seizures. 


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is widely known for its intoxicating properties. It is naturally a powerful painkiller and can be used to treat a variety of conditions including insomnia, appetite and pain relief from mild to severe conditions such as cancer.


THCA is the acid-based precursor compound to THC, found in the raw cannabis plant. THCA has its own unique properties separate from the more commonly know THC properties. THCA has been found to have powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain reliever), neuroprotectant and antispasmodic properties. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions including insomnia, cachexia, inflammation, Alzheimer’s, nerve pain and seizures.


It begins with California’s richest soil, using organically and sustainably sun-grown cannabis and we use proprietary strains (or chemovars) extracted from only top shelf flowers. We do not use any shake or trim.

We use a proprietary organic ethanol extraction process which captures a very high cannabinoid, sub-cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid content along with the nutrients and minerals from the plant without breaking the original bonds of the plant. Presenting the true entourage effect.

New research, working with CBD and the blends of the acidic raw cannabinoids with neutral forms of CBD and THC, is presenting positive results. We are also working with various sub-cannabinoids and testing their role in providing relief. To date, we have 14 formulas, 12 for humans and 2 for pets.

Some of the unique benefits of our tinctures; Consistency. Taste. Efficacy. You get that true entourage effect with our input material and extraction process. We use high quality input material, so you get the cleanest and healthiest finished product. We also support organic and sustainable growing principles so it’s not only great for you but for our future generations and our environment

We offer support in dosing parameters for effective, consistent, and low dose titrating. We believe cannabis is best used in a nutraceutical and holistic manner. We do not break apart the plant into single molecules as they would in pharmaceuticals.  We firmly believe that keeping cannabis in its whole plant form provides the most therapeutic benefits. Therefore, the quality of the input material matters and is extremely important. 

The first time we treated an animal with Cannabis was more than 10 years ago. The humans caring for their dog came to Harry as a last resort as he was known for helping humans with cancer and his medicine was highly regarded as top quality and clean. They asked him to at least try to help their dog as the only other option was to have the dog euthanized as the cancer was aggressive and terminal. The pet had a softball sized cancerous tumor in his leg. During treatment, the tumor shrunk. Within a few months’ time, the tumor eventually shrunk to the size of walnut, then it disappeared. The pet lived another 10 years. With that success, Harry started treating other animals, and over time had gathered enough data to safely help pet owners who didn’t want to euthanize their pet and were willing to use our tincture medicines as a last resort.

That decade of data helped to develop our pet specific tinctures based on what we found worked best for the animals when treating certain conditions. We’ve watched the pet side evolve from a treatment plan to general preventative pet care, as with our human tincture medicines. From those early experiments, other pet owners found out about our treatment plans. This became was the beginning of the second product launch, offering pet tincture products.

For our tinctures, we blend the extract with MCT oil. Most of our product offerings are non intoxicating. We offer a variety of types, so you can completely customize your own compounding. We will continue to release new types as we develop new chemovars (strains) rich in certain compounds and as we discover how to use the plants compounds for future discoveries and treatments. We pride ourselves on remaining on the cutting edge of research and always continuing to seek new methods of best practices, while always keeping a consistent blend as with our proprietary tincture line of cbd/thc in ratios; No.1, No.3 and No.20 for humans and No1 and No.20 for pets.

Our original tincture line was created after 20 years of observational data working with humans and 10 years working with animals. We’ve worked directly with patients to create and evolve our products over the years, continuously iterating and improving.

We start with our own bred chemovars (strains) rich in terpene and sub-cannabinoid content. We use only the flower part of the plant, which holds the richest cannabinoid, sub-cannabinoid, terpene and flavinoid content.

We are vertically integrated, so we breed, cultivate, extract and manufacture our own products vs outsourcing different stages.  Our tinctures are our most well-known product. The tinctures are made by blending our extractions with MCT oil or other botanicals.

Tinctures are an excellent delivery method for medical patients as they are easy to use and titrate, are versatile and very effective. Tinctures are essentially a liquid form of cannabis and come in a dropper bottle.  The most common way to take a tincture is sublingual. This mean placing a drop of the liquid tincture under your tongue and letting it partially absorb before swallowing. Our tinctures can also all be used topically, so you can put them right onto your skin for a variety of conditions: pain, burns, skin irritations and wounds.

With a growing interest in the non intoxicating blends Harry created the Wellness blend, which is a non intoxicating blend of CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA. It proved to be similar (or the closest thing) to juicing two completely different types of cannabis plants, but in a stable and clean form. The award-winning tincture Balance is a blend of both acids and neutrals like the Wellness blend but is evenly balanced mgs. between the acid and neutral cannabinoids. This is the tincture that resulted in Harry’s journey to heal his auto immune disease and it is the tincture he continues to use daily.


We often receive commonly asked questions from all users. Here are our most frequently asked questions and answers.


Cannabis tinctures offer a long list of benefits. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy whether you take a THC tincture for pleasure or a CBD tincture to relieve pain:
• You feel the effects quickly
• You can easily control the amount of tincture you take
• Cannabis tinctures are discreet (meaning you can take them anywhere, in any setting)
• Tinctures are safe
• Tinctures have a long shelf life when stored properly

A CBD tincture can be used to treat:
• Low appetite
• Insomnia
• Nausea and vomiting
• Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)
• Inflammation
• Psoriasis
• Chronic pain
• Artery blockage
• Psychosis
• Bacterial growth
• Anxiety
• Cancer cell growth
• Convulsions
• Bone degeneration
• Seizures
• Muscle spasms
Couple the above benefits with the safe, fast-acting, easy-to-dose nature of the tincture itself, and you’ve got a potent recipe for medical relief of the toughest symptoms.


DOSING When it comes to cannabis, there is no “one size fits all” approach to product and use.  Everything starts with your personal physical and emotional constitution. Rosette Wellness suggests that you maintain a personal JOURNAL of your dosing process, the experience and your effects, each day.

As the old edibles adage goes: You can always take more, but you can never take less.

So we’ve prepared a step-by-step approach to MICRODOSING 101;

Step 1: Preparation; Always have room temperature water available as some strains can cause dry mouth. And in the event of any discomfort from the experience with Cannabis, others have found that eating a small dose of Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao+, may actually decrease and minimize the “high” effects, after dosing.

Step 2: Always, always, always start low with “small droplets of the tincture”. A low dose is 1-2mg, 2.5mg at the most. The label provided will include each dropper of the tinctures “value of milligrams”. 

Step 3: Have an alarm available to journal the effects of your experience. We ask all first time users, novice and our seniors to always set your alarm for an hour and a half, after the initial dosing. Seriously, set the alarm, because you might forget.

Step 4: As you develop your journal, think about what your goal is. Are you trying to relax or rid yourself of anxiety? Are you trying to sleep better? When your alarm goes off 90 minutes later, ask yourself these questions, and answer them honestly. How do I feel? Do I feel high? Do I feel the way I want to feel? Do I feel like I can function?

Step 5: If you feel unchanged after 90 minutes, you know that wasn’t enough. Your next day or next time frame of dosing, try adding a few more milligrams/droplets (not full dropper). So increase slowly, and remember to set your alarm again, for another 90 minutes to evaluate your experience.

Step 6: If you are using cannabis to help sleep better, please note this is an exercise that will require your due diligence. Other consumers stated that they microdosed 2.5 mg an hour before bedtime. When doing this for your first time, do it in the comforts of your home. When you wake up later that night or the next day, take stock: Did you notice a difference at all? Check in with yourself in the morning: Do you feel any better than you normally do? If not, you may want to try adding more or less the next night.

Step 7: Each dosing experience should help you to determine what your comfortable measure is, “your sweet spot” once developed should allow you to create a customized plan for your condition. The journal, alarm and dark chocolate recovery suggestions, are strongly recommended for every person using Cannabis as a medicine. We encourage you to use responsibly.


The major advantage of the sublingual administration method (orally, under the tongue) is that the medicine is rapidly absorbed through the sublingual artery, your body’s main blood supply to your tongue. This artery arises from the external carotid artery, which, in turn, is close to the internal carotid artery. This allows the medicine to quickly reach your brain.

Additionally, the tincture doesn’t come in contact with the acids in your stomach like other edibles do. That fact alone serves to keep many of the beneficial chemicals in your cannabis tincture more complete and readily available for use in your body. 

Sublingual absorption effectively removes a step — digestion — that can have slight but destructive consequences to the chemical makeup of the cannabis you put into your body.


Our consistent approach to our manufacturing process is we are extremely focused in the delivery of the same consistency with every single droplet of our tincture. Every step in the process has been considered for its safety, green growing principles, eco-centric, organic cultivation practices. Our cannabis products start by organically, sustainable and sun grown chemovars (strains), we use only top shelf cannabis flower, NEVER HEMP, we value the high terpene and sub-cannabinoid content and process by using “true whole plant extracts” without breaking the plant bonds.

The difference between Cannabis and Hemp is extreme, the confusion stems from the fact that they are just both part of the Cannabis family. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation and application. First of all its an industrial plant, just like the trees in the forest, but more versatile. However, it is our firm belief that Hemp should never be considered or used as a medicine, for human and pets.

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

Type Is it
Psychoactive? Cultivation Applications
Hemp Yes



No Requires minimal care. Adaptable to grow in most climates Automobiles, clothing,
construction, plastic, etc.
Cannabis Yes

High THC


Yes Grown in a carefully controlled atmosphere Medical and recreational use

Tinctures will last for many years when stored properly. We recommend storing in a cool dark location, standing upright. The long shelf life means you can safely use your tincture for extended care. We do caution that if the tincture is left unattended in direct heat or sunlight, the THC within may be activated, and the effects may change.


Senior use of cannabis is becoming the fastest growing demographic across the country. From 2006 to 2013, cannabis use among seniors increased by 250 percent. Four of five doctors approve of Cannabis and more than 90 percent of Cannabis patients say that it has helped treat their conditions.

Cannabis has not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration yet, mainly because there have not been enough clinical trials done on a wide enough scale to prove the plant’s medical benefits. Although, history reveals that Cannabis has actually been used as a medical treatment for thousands of years.

According to the National Council of Aging, One of the primary uses of cannabis is to help cancer patients, especially when they are going
through rounds of chemotherapy. Some studies have shown that cannabis can help with nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients. When dealing with palliative care, especially for patients with cancer, a study points out that most patients (more than 60 percent) experience both of these symptoms rather than one or the other, so Cannabis can help relieve two symptoms (and potentially many more) at once.

In 2014, there was a preclinical study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that analyzed the “potential therapeutic effects of THC on the disease.” Researchers introduced THC to beta-amyloids, which are clumps of proteins that build up on the brain and are one of the leading signs of the presence of Alzheimer’s. They found that THC helped slow the advancement of these beta-amyloids, and the results from the study “strongly suggest that THC could be a potential therapeutic treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease through multiple functions and pathways.”

The health benefits include; pain and arthritis relief, glaucoma, cachexia, anxiety and more. Using our tinctures is a simpler approach of administering Cannabis as a medicine, it’s measured, dose specific, safe and tested, discreet and easy to use. Best if use sublingually, under the tongue, or it can be used in any food or beverage, which is very convenient.

Cannabis is also considered safer and more cost-efficient and it doesn’t carry the side effects as with pharmaceuticals. We do recommend you consult with your medical doctor to make sure this is a safe approach for your condition.


One of the highest increases in cannabis use demographics is Women 29+, the reason is CBD. CBD driven products, especially tinctures, are dominating the trends and are creating this newcomer’s growth at an impressive rate.

They’re finding multi benefits such as; easy to use, discreet, versatile and tinctures can be micro dosed throughout a busy day and lifestyle. Reports indicate that active lifestyles, balanced with yoga, workouts, find that CBD is quickly becoming a vital part of many workout routines. It’s becoming an important part of any holistic health and wellness routine. Whether you’re a professional athlete, amateur jogger or busy mom, this beneficial supplement made from Cannabis can help. Whatever style of fitness regimen you prefer, muscle development and muscle recovery play key roles in overall health and wellbeing. This trend seems to reflect how Cannabis is being reviewed, analyzed and accepted. Women are making health, wellness and preventative choices for themselves and their loved ones.


Our pet tinctures are made with the same consistency and manufacturing principles as our award-winning human tinctures. They’re effective and pets really LOVE the taste. Plus we use 100% Cannabis flower, never HEMP as we believe our pets deserve the safest, tested, cannabis medicine. We’ve spent over 10 years in pet treatment therapies that range from cancer to hip dysplasia, arthritis, pain free and end of life treatments, IBD, hot spots, wounds, anxiety (especially on July 4 th ) and more. We treat small pets and large animals such as livestock and horses.

In a recent American Veterinarian News Release, California will be the first state whose veterinarians are legally allowed to talk to clients about cannabis use for pets. But they will not be allowed to dispense or administer cannabis-based products.

The legislation, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in late September, goes into effect on January 1, 2019 and prevents state regulators from penalizing a veterinarian for discussing the therapeutic use of cannabis in animals. FOX 10’s Anita Roman reported that Dogs, cats, even horses seem to be the newest customer base for medical Cannabis. Cannabis-based products are being used to treat everything from anxiety to allergies, epilepsy and cancer.


Yes. All of our tinctures are vegan except for the pet specific tinctures (No. 20 Large & Small Pet and the No. 1 Large & Small Pet) which have some wild salmon oil in them.

No, we use organic ethanol to extract the cannabinoids, but there is no ethanol (alcohol) left over after our finishing process.  We have found that tinctures using alcohol as their base can be harsh on the throat and stomach and are not appropriate for many patients.  We prefer to eliminate the ethanol after extraction and blend with MCT (fractionated coconut oil) as a carrier oil for the cannabinoids instead
Yes. MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) can stain, so caution should be taken not to drop the liquid on cloth or other items.  We cannot guarantee the tops of the tinctures are air tight and no leaking will occur when put on its side or upside down, so it is recommended that tinctures be put into a seal proof bag if it will not be standing up.  Rosette Wellness is not responsible for any damage to personal items when using the product.


WARNING: this product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or at risk of being pregnant should avoid direct or indirect exposure to this product as they may expose their child to an increased risk of cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The user of this product knowingly and voluntarily assumes any and all risk including, but not limited to, at risk of cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, from exposure to this product and/or any chemical contained within it. For more information go to https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65


We’re not the most notorious bloggers, but when there’s something important happening with our products or in the cannabis industry we like to share it with you.

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