Cannabis concentrates

The same amazing Cannabis flower grown for our tinctures are now available in a concentrate.


Rosette Wellness cannabis concentrates are a great option for those interested in the highest quality cannabis but prefer the benefits of vaporizing. Through a partnership with Hanu Stone, we are proud to offer our concentrates in the pre-filled Hanu Stone pods.

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Rosette Wellness products are currently only available at licensed dispensaries and delivery services in the state of California. 

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Premium Cannabis
as a concentrate

Enjoy the highest quality cannabis in as a concentrate in a pre-filled Hanu Stone pod. 


Made Using Top Shelf Flower

Our cannabis concentrates are made using only top shelf cannabis flower grown in the Humboldt sun. No shake, no trim.

Pre-Filled Hanu Stone Pods

Our concentrates come in pre-filled Hanu Stone pods so you can easily and discretely enjoy cannabis when you need it.



Using the Hanu Stone extract vaporizer is a great way to get the traditional feel of smoking but with the modern benefits.  



Naturally grown under the Humboldt sun


Only top shelf flowers are used in concentrates. No shake, no trim


In depth, interactive training and materials provided to dispensary staff


True "Full Spectrum" cannabis


Recommended by doctors, nurses and other smart humans


High terpene and sub-cannabinoid content

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

“Rosette Wellness is made by a manufacturer you can trust. This product is consistently formulated, and it covers several of my health conditions, just with a 2-step plan. I dose with my 2 Rosette products and add a high THC pain reliever, filling in the troublesome moments in my day. I need to be efficient throughout the day and this tincture allows me to do just that.”


College Professor

“It was a few days after taking their tincture that I realized I was getting relief. Just as they stated. I suffer from severe neck, back and joint pain. I’m also recovering from back and neck surgery. This is my new preventive pain medicine.”





Retired Fireman

“When we made the tough decision to treat my 92-year-old Mother, dying from Cancer, with their tincture as a primary pain relief, I couldn’t believe the effects. Her Stage 4 was a two-week plan of care and after 4 months my Mother has had several moments, days, hours of quality communication with her loved ones and she’s experienced renewed health. This is medicine, and IT IS A GIFT. Thank you.”

Family Care-giver

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