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Our 20+ years of Practice-Led Research is the basis of our growing success as a leader in advanced medicinal cannabinoid formulations of tinctures.

To date we have developed over 14 medical Cannabis grown tinctures and we continue to seek advanced discoveries in the increasing benefits of cannabis compounds.

Rosette Wellness specializes in providing non intoxicating options for medicating with cannabis including CBD ratios and the raw 6 acidic compounds.

That same commitment to value is expressed throughout our new line of Adult Use Cannabis products. Our philosophy of expressing the plants’ properties to help serve a chronically ill person, is aligned with appealing to an experienced recreational user of Cannabis. Both deserve the highest calibre of efficacy, quality, consistency and safe Cannabis from a licensed manufacturer. Our line of Adult Use products will include a highly refined approach to effects and contentment, with smooth-rich certified production methods, efficacy testing and extraordinary taste profiles. Even the most discriminating Cannabis Connoisseurs will be IMPRESSED!

We understand the market needs growth predictors. The consumer – first time or novice, the retailers and our doctors whose patient care fosters a common need, which is to maintain the highest standards throughout our process. Our goal is to be on the cutting edge of cannabis research for both Adult Use and Medical Sciences, and to fully engage in the most advanced cultivation practices in Cannabis. And it all starts with seedlings grown in Humboldt.

Quality is Paramount

Rosette Wellness believes in the highest quality from seed to final product. This dedication results in a better tasting, more effective, efficient and consistent MEDICAL product. We have an extensive breeding program and mainly use the proprietary strains in our products. Our strains have very high terpene and sub-cannabinoid content. The breeding program ensures we will always have consistency, and also new and innovative strains in order to create new cutting edge products.

Rosette Wellness partners with the highest calibre of Humboldt’s finest Craft Farmers. Our partnering cultivators share our values and quality standards and specialize in organically and sun-grown cannabis. We use only top shelf flowers from the cannabis plant, not the leftovers or trim, to make our extract oils. This, combined with our proprietary organic ethanol extraction process, ensures full-plant benefits without the harmful plant fats and waxes which can result from other extraction processes and without breaking the chemical plant bonds.


The Rosette Wellness founder used cannabis successfully for a serious and life-threatening condition which directed him to apply his science and engineering skills into a cannabis success recovery story. Over the years, he has become a highly regarded and respected cultivator and extraction expert in Humboldt California. Our product development is based on 20+ years of observational data from treating humans and 10+ years treating animals with cannabis.


and reputation

Rosette Wellness is committed to our Medical Cannabis treatment care and serving our patients in need. We are proud to have a new leadership team who mirrors our spirit of positive, compassionate, patient care. We will continue our care for all people in need of our safe and consistent nutraceutical tinctures. Our tinctures have never held any biases, prejudices, or deflections from our company’s values and that includes diversity and respectful humanity.

Our reputation is principled in delivering the highest quality sustainably raised cannabis medicine at an affordable price. Our tinctures serve epileptic children whose seizures have minimized from 300 per month to 10, to end of life patients experiencing diminished pain and clarity, the list includes; Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Auto-Immune Disease, Palliative and Hospice Care, Chronic Pain, IBS, and more.




Rosette Wellness is considered one of California’s top nutraceutical medical Cannabis companies today. Like most Cannabis manufacturers, the history behind their tincture medicine followed best principles, “heal thyself”, and that’s exactly what the owner, Harry, accomplished. Because he was stricken with an unusually difficult condition, his team of doctors literally used him as an experiment, and he endured months of pharma treatment plans which inevitably left little to no change in his recovery.

Harry’s system grew tired of the steroids, needles, and multiple prescriptions and he was certain his life would be severely impaired if he continued to use the modalities of western medicine. Harry was battling a deadly auto-immune condition and cannabis played a key role in his recovery. His decision to move his family to a farm in Humboldt allowed him to cultivate his own food and farm his cannabis medicine to his standards using organic and sustainable farming practices. 

 Harry became an expert in breeding, beneficial run-off organic cultivation, and organic ethanol extraction. After word spread of his and other patient’s miraculous recovery, it was only a brief time that the Humboldt community, affectionately referred to him as their “medicine man”. Harry continues to develop innovative and effective Cannabis cannabinoids for Humans and Animals.

 In the past 25 years, the cannabis world hadn’t much research or studies to corroborate his findings. But soon after he discovered that MCT had a very small molecule size and it matched perfectly with the cannabis oil, not only for absorption, but for a quick delivery into the system. Then he realized the MCT has omega 3’s, which make cannabinoids more effective. This became the hallmark of his early success as his treatment plans continued to show massive benefits.

He monitored and recorded his tincture medical findings and found its progressive healing benefits far exceeded the cannabis food-based options he used prior. Further studies and online research supported his personal discoveries. His own findings were supported by European medical cannabis doctors, and they praised the entourage effect.

Harry wanted to offer a medicinal product which could deliver the widest spectrum possible of cannabinoids, sub cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Tinctures were the perfect way to deliver this effectively and consistently in a dose-controlled manner. From here his company was born.

The medical cannabis discoveries spanned over several decades and the diligent work led him to gauge and adjust his formulas  which improved his own life. He was equally eager to help his community, and provide help to the many patients who needed his medicine. The expansion of the Rosette Wellness tincture line is a direct result of his daily oil use utilizing calendars on parchment paper to daily dose his intake. His oil, like most, was diluted in alcohol, which wasn’t desirable long term. The burning and the dilution changes from evaporation led Harry to discover MCT, which he found at a health food store.


“Helping each unique patient’s conditions with one of the safest, robust and efficient blends is truly has been a humbling experience. Being a part of an emerging industry has its challenges, but the rewards far outpace anything we ever imagined. The desire to shape and make a difference in a person or pets healthy life is truly rewarding. My history with science and technology along with years of cannabis use, was what we needed to find treatments for life – threatening disease. I wanted to make sure patients have and continue to have access to natural, safe, consistent, effective medicine”.


Rosette Wellness is committed in providing the highest quality organic cannabis medicine for both humans and animals. It is through budtenders’ education and the patients’ ability to use cannabis therapeutically and in a non intoxicating manner, which has been the key to their success. The process is time consuming, but in the end it’s in the best interest of the patients, consumers, industry professionals and medical professionals to learn the best practices and methods of using cannabis efficiently.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality at the most affordable price. We pride ourselves on providing non intoxicating options for medicating, while always striving to stay on the cutting edge to produce better patient outcomes. We strive to provide what is best for patients as its discovered, rather than focus solely on the bottom line. We are a loving, compassionate, respectful company, who believes that everyone deserves the alternative on medical cannabis to help heal their condition.

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