Harry Rose (left) with longtime friend Tim Blake (right)

With a green thumb from an early age, Harry Rose was inspired and motivated by his parents who encouraged his interests – and his gardening – though they never could have known just how much good would come from it in the future. Harry’s father was a highly regarded mechanical engineer who played a role in NASA’s first lunar mission and is credited with the invention of the EKG machine. This upbringing produced a curiosity for discovery and mastery within Harry that had him tinkering with a Phototron v1 purchased from a High Times Magazine ad and stuffed with budding cannabis camouflaged among the bevy of houseplants right in his own bedroom.

Mr. Rose’s mechanical mind led to an accomplished career in lighting design and engineering which eventually led to contract work with Microsoft to launch the XBOX, with Google to launch its search engine software and Android platform, and Apple then flew him all around the world working on all the latest product reveals for Steve Jobs.  That grind wore him down, though, and the sheer exhaustion and demanding pace ultimately caused Harry’s debilitating and near-death condition as he battled a late-stage autoimmune disease.

When western medicine failed, Rose fell back on lessons learned from his father’s process of ‘discovery, test, retest, and redesign’. Through his own research and some help from a neighbor in Humboldt named Lawrence Ringo, Rose was able to use a CBD-dominant cultivar called Sour Tsunami to formulate a cannabis oil that put his previously untreatable medical condition into complete remission.

Harry continues his commitment to developing the most advanced formulations to assist patients who are seeking a better quality of life. His personal goal is to provide the world’s safest and most effective cannabis-derived medicines and adult-use products through his company Rosette Wellness, founded on authenticity and compassion and based out of Eureka, California.